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How to request access to student records reporting resources

Resources currently available for student records reporting consist of the following:

eReports are accessed through an on-line portal. They use an application called Hyperion, in which are built data models and queries which most users can use fairly easily. The advantages of eReports include relative ease of use. The disadvantages include the fact that users are limited to these pre-built queries and data models. Though the models include a wide variety of queries, not every possible question can be answered using eReports.

BuckIQ reports are accessed through an on-line portal. They use an application called OBIEE. Users access data using dashboards built for a specific purpose. Currently available for student records are: Seat and Section Capacity, used for the review of course and class enrollments, room capacities, open seats, and class fill rates; Distance Learning, used for comparisons of distance learning enrollments to non-distance learning sections, enrollments of students in distance learning programs, and enrollments of College Credit Plus student in distance learning classes; Grade Distributions and Rosters, used for grade distribution reports by course and class, and seeing rosters of classes. Most users find these reports very user friendly.

Data Acquisition and Analysis describes the process where users directly query the tables that make up the Operational Data Store (DWHCRPT) and the Snapshots (DWDMOSU). Most users use MS Access as the querying tool. The entire student records database is available to such users, and the queries that can be written are limited only by the user’s ability and knowledge. The disadvantage of doing such analysis is that it takes extensive time and practice to do correctly.

To request access to any of these data sources, visit the OCIO's Security Workflow and Roles page and click on the "OSU SIS Reporting Access Request Form" link (pictured below) to complete the form.

Security Workflow and Roles screen capture

Complete the form, and in section "VI" select the student record data access you would like to have:

User Module Access options

Upon submission, the workflow for obtaining access and training will proceed.

If you have any difficulty with the form, please contact access@osu.edu.